Top 10 Ways to Save

  • Being frugal does not always mean being cheap. Remember to keep this essential attitude. There is a greater reason for not spending money.
  • Shop based on sales. Stock up on items that you use regularly when the store is having a sale.
  • Know your prices. Compare prices of items commonly purchased for your home. Keep the prices written down so that you can look to see if something on sale is a good deal or not.
  • Be cautious when shopping at warehouse club stores. Remember that no one store is the cheapest. Local grocery stores can often times beat warehouse stores prices.
  • Plan menus around sales at your local grocer. Consult store flyers before making out the menu and grocery list.
  • Stock up on things you use when they go on sale. Be sure to get six weeks worth. That is typically when the items will go on sale again.
  • Cut back on meats. Try some bread and grain recipes, or have soup and bread one night. These also tend to be healthier.
  • Cook from scratch. This can be up to six times cheaper that buying a mix, frozen meals or eating out and it is usually more nutritious.
  • Do not spend money if it is not in the budget. Find the little nonessential expenses that up your budget such as fast food, toy stores, new fashions, etc. and eliminate them.
  • Replace high cost entertainment with nature outings or family activities.

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