Event Cancellations Due to COVID-19

Event Cancellations Due to COVID-19

Dear loyal DuTrac members,

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for your patience, understanding, and loyalty during this unprecedented time in our history.  I miss you and am just as anxious as you are to get back to being entertained by so many wonderful theater, sport facilities and festivals.

DuTrac understands how this impacts you.  We are working with the theaters, and they are committed to you, their loyal guests.  Let me reassure you WE WILL BE BACK to hosting trips!  Many theaters are working to finalize the new season, with some shows rolling over into 2022 and some shows that will fit easier within their restrictions.

Our goal is to get back to doing what we love for our members – experiencing baseball games, shopping, festivals, and Broadway musicals and comedies; enjoying delicious meals, drinks and desserts in some of the most beautiful, historic theaters with friends and family—as quickly as possible.

We can all agree that in our current climate, an afternoon of good entertainment is essential for mind and body. We can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support in DuTrac’s Nuperspective Club—thank you for your time, your patience, and your loyalty.  We look forward to hearing from you in 2021 and beyond.

Please continue to check our Events link to find out about any upcoming shows, events, and seminars.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Karen Tegeler
Programs & Events Specialist

All DuTrac branches will be closed on Monday, December 25, for Christmas Day.

All DuTrac branches will be closed on Monday, January 1, for New Year's Day.