A Dozen Ways to Save your Paycheck

A Dozen Ways to Save your Paycheck
  • Pay yourself first! Decide on a specified percent of your take-home pay for savings and set those funds aside before paying any other expenses.
  • Collect coins in a jar.
  • Bank your refunds. Rather than spending an income tax refund, use it to pay down a high-interest credit card debt.
  • Continue paying a loan. Once you complete paying off a car loan, for example, continue making the same monthly installment to yourself.
  • Break costly habits. Make coffee at the office or bring your lunch rather than going out.
  • Increase investment yields. Look for higher interest opportunities for your savings. DuTrac Community offers several high-interest savings options to fit your individual needs.
  • Sign-up for a Christmas/Holiday or vacation club account with DuTrac Community Credit Union. This will offer you reinforcement of systematic savings, allowing you to save small amounts. When the holiday shopping season arrives, or your long-awaited vacation is here, you will already have a head start above everyone else.
  • Buy U.S. Savings Bonds. This is an ideal way to put aside small amounts of cash for long-term goals.
  • Take advantage of payroll deduction. This is the easiest way to save. Since the money is never in your hands or checking account, you will not miss it!
  • Deposit a windfall. When you receive an unexpected amount of money, the temptation might be to spend it on something extra as a treat. Another way to think about it is as an investment for your future. It is money you will not miss since you were not expecting it.
  • Crash Savings. Go without extras for a specified period of time. All the money you would have normally spent on those items is saved.
  • Set Goals. People who develop plans to reach savings goals have approximately twice the amount saved as those without plans.

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