Don’t fall for the imposter scam

Don’t fall for the imposter scam

What the imposter looks like:

  • Someone asks you to buy gift cards or send money

How the imposter convinces you to send money:

A scammer might use different ways to convince you to send money. The scammer might say:

  • There is a security problem with your computer
  • You owe taxes to the IRS
  • You won a prize, or inherited money, but must pay fees/shipping first
  • You won the lottery, but must pay taxes first
  • A friend or family member is in trouble and needs money
  • You receive a check for too much money and need to send back the extra

Scammers are good at being friendly and fooling people.  Here is how you can STOP the scammer:

  • Never send money to someone you do not know!
  • Never send money because someone contacted you:
    • Even if you feel like you know the person
    • Even if the person says he is your friend or related to you


If you feel you may have been the victim of fraud, don’t hesitate to contact our Fraud Specialist at or visit any DuTrac location.

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